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       "I've been waiting for this CD, and it is well worth the wait. Thoughtful, happy, sad, fun and sends you to a musical place you don't want to leave. The guitars rock, the Dobro sings, and the heartfelt lyrics connect to anyone who has had a life of ups and downs. Each time it plays, I listen for, and find something new. 


       "Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed listening to your cd this morning. GREAT JOB!! My personal fave is "The Next Good Rain." Love it!"


       "Bob's musical ear and attention to musical detail and being a "wordsmith" has set his original material side by side with writers like John Hiatt and Jackson Browne, but it's Bob's realistic approach about life and relationships that cause the listener to take another listen. His lyrics are insightful and relatable to those who listen. He is a "Thinking Man's" writer with creative melodies."


       "Bob does not PLAY music. Music is part of Bob's entire persona and comes to us via his soul. He is enlightening to hear, inspiring to watch."

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