My new album is NOW AVAILABLE!

Along with my first full-length album, I thought it was time to offer a new-and-improved website. I hope you'll hang around and explore a bit. Most importantly, I hope you'll listen to, and buy, my music. It takes a lot of time, and costs a lot of money to record and produce this stuff, and although I've set it up so that you can listen for free, it supports my mission as an artist when you go to Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, etc. and make a purchase. That enables me to produce more new music, and offer it up to you.

I know the business model for music is different now than it was when I was coming up, but it's still important to support those artists whom you believe in. I guess that I'm asking you to believe in me to the tune of $10. That's not a lot. 

Any way you approach it, I'm appreciative that you'd give my tunes a listen. With people listening and hopefully being moved by my music, it makes what I do worthwhile. Thanks so much for being part of my world, and supporting what I do. I have spent a lifetime preparing these songs. On this album, I think there's something for everyone. I Hope you love the music!

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