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Thanks first of all to my brilliant producers, Owen Sartori & Davide Raso of F5 Soundhouse

To my wife, Kristin, there are not enough thank yous. You've been everything from
inspiration to Visionary & everything in between. My gratitude and love are deep & abiding.


Bob Knight: Vocals, Electric & acoustic guitars, bass, bass VI, electric sitar, baritone electric & Acoustic guitars, bouzouki, lap steel guitar, Dobro, Weissenborn guitar, percussion, Keyboards

Owen Sartori: drums, Electric & acoustic guitars, nashville-tuned guitar, guitarlele, percussion

Davide Raso: electric guitar, keyboards

The F5 Choir (Elsa Lee, Owen Sartori, Davide Raso): supporting vocals

Swanny Rose: Vocal on "What Are You Waiting For?"

Ricky Peterson: Hammond B3 organ

Rob Meany: Piano

Roy Finley: pedal steel guitar


Words and Music by Bob Knight except:

"You Lifted Me" Bob Knight and Marie Espinoza

Copyright © 2018 by Bob Knight - All Rights Reserved

Where/How to Order a copy:

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